Why Startup Weekend Szczecin is going to be unique?

International team of partners and mentors!

We aim to make it an open, international (English spoken) event by bringing on board a bunch of international mentors from Germany, Spain, UK and Denmark. There will also be  a fair number of them coming from various locations in Poland. All of the invited specialists will bring a mix of outstanding experience of founding & operational work within high-tech startups, funding strategies and sales & marketing. And most importantly we will provide you with networking opportunities in order to let you find yourselves in the loop of international startup community.

First Polish-German Startup Weekend!

We are working together with organizers of SW events in Germany to access prominent VCs, private investors and specialists and bring them to Szczecin. Working close with Berlin-based media partners, we aim to attract participants from across the border, letting you all work together on your projects, make valuable contacts and have lots of fun!

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