• Rafał Han Rafał Han

    Bio: Rafał Han - serial entrepreneur, coach and investor in the innovative project and extraordinary and unique teams. Founder and CEO at HanBright – Kids edutainment projects such as ciufcia.pl – largest polish website with edutainment games for prescholers. HanBright is focusing now on foreign markets, mobile app and marchendising. Co–Founder of BrightBerries – Angel Seed founding for startups. Founded in 2009 to invest and promote startups on early stage from eastern and central Europe (webshake.tv, futbolowo.pl, lingapp.com, heartpick.com and others) BrightBerries is especially interested in web and mobile projects. Rafal works with startups on their ideas, strategic directions, entrepreneurial skills and marketing.

  • Paula Marttila Paula Marttila

    Bio: Paula is digital product and biz dev with consumer web and digital media technologies as specialty. Her background is within Schibsted Media Corp., where she during 8 years developed and was responsible of premium consumer web services, e.g Viktklubb.se, Nordic’s largest health and weight loss service, communities, digital media and ad tech solutions at Aftonbladet, the largest news site in Sweden. Paula has since then advised startups and is one of the highest ranked mentors by Seedcamp teams, where she is active mentor. She’s one of the connectors and influencers on the European early stage startups scene, and has spoken, moderated and been program curator of various tech and startup conferences and events. She is also mentor at TechStars network member Springboard in Cambridge, UK. Paula is a Finn full of Sisu living in Sweden, where she covers the Nordic startups scene and shares startups advice at paulamarttila.com

  • Sebastian Kwiecień Sebastian Kwiecień

    Bio: Recently - founder of Epic Ventures where he helps internet startups get funded. Focused on business models analysis and company valuation. Earlier on - founder of social lending startup Monetto and very early stage fund Venture Incubator. Before that worked in international interactive agency Janmedia Interactive, all the way bottom up starting as a programmer, then becoming analyst, project manager and then COO. In love with internet since 1996.

  • Arkadiusz Hajduk Arkadiusz Hajduk

    Bio: Arkadiusz has an extensive experience in concept and product development, project management, human resources management, customer support, business development, operations management and any other aspect of running a business. Currently, Arkadiusz is working as an investment manager at Speed Up Venture Capital Group where he works with potential investments and portfolio startups. Previously Arkadiusz spent in few web startups, including one of the leading European social lending platforms smava, where he was serving a number of different roles, also co-founder. Arkadiusz was blessed with opportunity to work within multinational teams of great people, while living in Denmark, Hungary, Sweden, Canada and Poland. Arkadiusz earned his M.Sc. degree at Technical University of Denmark (DTU).

  • Michał Olszewski Michał Olszewski

    Bio: Board member and investment manager in LMS Invest. Over seven years of experience in largest Polish online companies - Agora SA and Grupa Allegro. Developed and managed large-scale web platforms with user generated content: blogging service, message board ecosystem, social swappig website etc. Self-proclaimed social media expert. Involved in projects connecting world of startups with big corporations. Mentor at Mini SeedCamp Warsaw, promoter and mentor of StartupFest 2010 and 2011, organizer of Poznan Startup Weekend. Slowblogger with a journalistic background.