• Krzysztof Folek Krzysztof Folek

    Bio: Krzysztof is responsible for activating small and medium Independent Software Vendors. Actively engaged in Microsoft’s initiatives supporting Polish start-up scene. An ultimate fan of the idea that local software companies should boost their competitive edge by utilizing best of breed IT solutions (with focus of cloud computing and mobile). Working in IT business for over 10 years, for most of the time on Partner & channel development roles.

  • Asier Rios Asier Rios

    Bio: Startup lover. While being a kid, he always wanted a Super Nintendo. It never came. Instead, his dad came home with something called Personal Computer. It all began then. Being online since he was 8 years old made him build his first online community at 14. Nowadays he shares his passions between working as a community lead at Google, startups and photography. Before that he was working at, the leading real estate website in spain and executing the startup way at Tetuan Valley, one of the main accelerators in Spain, presenting in different events like Expo E-Commerce, Keiretsu Forum and TechCrunch.

  • Fran Gago Fran Gago

    Bio: For 5 years Fran was an engineer designing, selling and implementing TIC solutions for the complex food and beverage industry. One good day he woke up and decided he didn\'t like it anymore and wanted to do something different with his life. He used the money saved to enroll in a top MBA program. During the program he focused on learning as much as possible about the Internet Business, Social Media and the latest trends in Digital Marketing and Monetization Models. In September 2010 he founded favmonster, an internet startup that aims to change the way we share content through the web.

  • Marek Przystaś Marek Przystaś

    Bio: He is trying to abolish Pole’s stereotype and he is a happy man. One of the pillar of HanBright company, in which - as a Project Director - he actively works in order to increase productivity. He pursues ideas that matter and believes in people who passionately create them. He thinks that sharing one’s knowledge and experience can help others. Constantly searches new ways and solutions. Typical thinking and common paths disgusts him. He naively believes that the projects, which he has been sacrificing most of his life for, change the world for better. He likes plain situations and concrete people and dislikes sweet pancakes.

  • Tomek Kolinko Tomek Kolinko

    Bio: Serial entrepreneur. A cofounder of (now defunct) - a polish people search engine. Currently, the president of Motivapps - building iPhone apps that inspire and teach. Experienced in user experience, business and iPhone.

  • Sebastian Błaszkiewicz Sebastian Błaszkiewicz

    Bio: Sales manager in Empathy Internet Software House. Within his responsibilities there is conducting pre-implementation analyses. The following challenge is fulfilled perfectly thanks to his wide knowledge about sales, marketing and business administration based on new technologies. Not only is he an expert in business processes analyses, but also in new sales methodologies. Before Empathy, worked for Agora S.A. Privately, a fan of good music and sport.

  • Borys Musielak Borys Musielak

    Bio: Founder & CEO of, a movie discovery startup seed-funded by HackFwd in 2011. Before he worked on numerous web projects including, popular citizen journalist news site and, a major Polish Linux portal. Active in never-ending battle for net neutrality and open standards in Poland and Europe - his petition signed by over 80k people caused the government to reconsider the infamous censorship bill. Currently works with his team in, a Bay Area style startup mansion in Warsaw he co-founded.

  • Robert Olejnik Robert Olejnik

    Bio: Robert has created TEONITE VENTURES last year, is working closely as a mentor and an advisor with various startups at Pomeranius Seed Capital Fund and is a contributor to various communities (co-founder of Szczecin Linux/Unix Users Group and a contributor to Netcamp Foundation). Also is passionate about building software (like OMNI) or hacking some Open Source code. You can follow him on Twitter @RobertOlejnik

  • Przemysław Basiak Przemysław Basiak

    Bio: Graduated from the Technical University of Szczecin, was connected with global village and traced its growth for almost 15 years. For more than 12 years associated with the movie portal (listed on NewConnect) as co-owner and member of the board. For all this years had chance to discover internet business from almost every aspect: designing and programming, project managing, editorial and content organizing, e-commerce, e-payments, marketing and promoting, and finally managing. Tries to stay in touch with everything that internet gets to our lives, especially in its mobile editions.

  • Luke Miler Luke Miler

    Bio: Street-smart with over 9 years of experience in interactive marketing, game design and social media. Designed and overseen production of extensive catalog of award-winning interactive marketing and gaming projects for global brands such as 37signals, Disney, Sony Pictures,Square Enix, Ubisoft, BMW, Funcom and more. Founded Daillly - one of the first daily deal sites for digital goods, overseen from original concept, throughout launch and dynamic growth to thousands of users in few months. Currently building Creeeam - premium, invite-only cross promotion network for mobile games and apps, using crowd-promotion to push apps to the top of the app stores and gain massive amount of new users practically overnight. As currently in closed beta, Creeeam already pushed several apps to top 100 of Apple AppStore and is planned to launch in Q4 2011. Creeeam\'s founding team consists of seasoned design and development ninjas as well as great advisors including ex Electronic Arts LA Technical Director, Jerome Lanquetot and Jesse Thomas, founder and CEO of JESS3, recently named as one of the \"100 leaders of Washington\'s tech space\". Ninja skill - turns coffee into beautiful products.

  • Rafał Malujda Rafał Malujda

    Bio: Rafal Malujda, Attorney at Law (LL.M. Rostock/Germany, Diploma Cambridge/UK) provides dedicated service to clients in the IT and shipping sector, including international tax optimalization services. He gained his legal expertise and practical commercial approach in solving problems by advising IT businesses on all aspects of intellectual property and internet law. One particular focus of his work is on the legal issues created by open source software and assistance to software developers on matters involving contracts, licensing and online use. He focus his attention also to internet startups (entity formation, acquisitions, financings, venture capital, equity compensation, stock options and securities law compliance) and technology transfer from universities by supporting scientists in negotiations both against university authorities and potential business partners / investors. He cooperates with the Science and Technology Park of Szczecin, Regional Center of Technology Transfer (RCIiTT), the Foundation of Internet Industry Development „Netcamp” and Szczecin Linux and Unix Users Group (SzLUUG).

  • Tomasz Wiśniewski Tomasz Wiśniewski

    Bio: Tomasz is working for Microsoft as a Developer Evangelist. His main role is providing technical presentations during various events, review technical content on websites such as He is also working with Microsoft partners who produce software using tools and platforms provided by Microsoft.

  • Sławomir Pucia Sławomir Pucia

    Bio: Releasing his first PHP script in 1996, Slawek has commited himself to web development. After a wonderful two-year episode as a network engineer at Netia (one of the largest Polish telcos) he transfered to the biggest and finest web hosting provider, where he was a member of the core team working on\'s platform and services. Being a person who loves startups culture, in 2006 he helped launching Lemon Demon, an online marketing company which specializes in generating traffic for competitive industries in the US and worldwide. One of their most renowned projects is, a link exchange network that helps thousands of SEO enthusiasts reach better positions in search engines. Slawek has full web stack and startup experience, so feel free to seek his help on any subject, either technical or business.

  • Michał Jaskólski Michał Jaskólski

    Bio: Co-founder, VP and R&D Director of Grupa Nokaut S.A. Responsible for development and creation of new products. Co-owner of Morizon S.A. real estate site listed on NewConnect. Online since 1997. Nearly 10 years ago has been involved in the creation of site, Polish MySpace predecessor. Cooperated with, and For a few years associated with Implix. Fascinated by the new technologies, ideas and startups. Geek and early adopter. In his spare time, he combines a passion for alternative music and photography, taking photos at concerts - especially of those bands, which include beautiful women.

  • Aleksandra Kubicka Aleksandra Kubicka

    Bio: Brand PR Manager at Allegro Group QXL Poland where she is responsible for media relations of group\'s polish and international classifieds portals and PR communication of cutting edge mobile applications of Allegro Group. She has been working in PR for the past 6 years. Aleksandra started her professional career in tobacco industry public relation\'s sector. Soon after she moved on to work for a position at PR agency where she has been working a range of clients from telecommunication, fmcg and e-commerce sectors. As a PR Coordinator in Samsung Electronics Poland she has acquired vast experience in new technologies communication. Fan of android apps, tumblr and

  • Łukasz Sielski Łukasz Sielski

    Bio: Works in the industry over 10 years. Worked as developer, later application architect at, senior developer in OVI SDK team at NOKIA, now covers position of Branch Manager at Focused on building strong, motivated teams, educating junior developers and managing agile development process. Strong follower of test driven development and JavaScript, opponent of huge frameworks.

  • Michał Jasiński Michał Jasiński

    Bio: Michał Jasiński - a trained computer scientist, a professional graphic designer. For seven years he has been with Mark SikorskiDeep Line graphic design studio. He specializes in designing interfaces, games, websites. It has a head full of ideas andunusual sense of humor

  • Mateusz Radziszewski Mateusz Radziszewski

    Bio: ICT industry veteran, visionary leader, manager and technology savvy executive with 12 years of experience experience from leading edge mobile and Internet technology solutions, technology consultancy and high tech R&D operations.