• Maciej Jankowski Maciej Jankowski

    Bio: Maciek is a founder & president of Netcamp Foundation, integrating and supporting development of internet industry in Szczecin. Since 2007 organizer of Netcamp meetings for local IT community&startups, recognized by European Enterprise Award. Working as IT editor for local media and internet marketing specialist. Recently awarded Auler 2011 for supporting development of technological entrepreneurship in Poland.

  • Jarosław Białek Jarosław Białek

    Bio: Jarek’s background consists of several years of managerial experience in companies working on smart ways of processing large amounts of financial data, together with developing and supporting products for capital market investors. He is combining knowledge of financial and economic analysis with product development skills. In the past Jaroslaw worked for Reuters Group, i.e. participating in setting up its European largest data center in Gdynia, Poland. Currently he runs his own consultancy, involved in assisting new high-tech start-ups in their operational and strategic challenges.

  • Alberto Sanchez Garcia Alberto Sanchez Garcia

    Bio: Alberto is a fan of unusual ideas and solutions, and searching for them is his hobby. This is why he also enjoys meeting open-minded people, and gets totally involved in discussions. He works for the financial sector, currently holding the position of Financial Director. During his professional career he has gathered valuable experiences from various jobs he had in Spain, Poland and Hungary; he has set up branches of companies in different countries - most of them in Poland, in which he has been living for more than 4 years. Nevertheless, he hopes that this is only the beginning, and that he will get the chance to work on other continents, too!

  • Krzysztof Wołoszyn Krzysztof Wołoszyn

    Bio: Moving towards his late twenties, Chris has got working experience gathered in almost half a dozen countries in the world. Never tired of traveling, always keen to encounter new cultures and never one to shy away from a challenge. Currently, he is making the most of his language skills at his professional work, as well as when working towards organising Startup Weekend in Szczecin. With his broad range of hobbies and interests he is aiming to become a true renaissance type of man.